Six Important Facts you Should Know about Site Acceleration Service

When it comes to site acceleration services, you don’t want to go in sight unseen. Indeed, here are six rather important things to know when you consider the move.

Site acceleration is good for SEO

Don’t worry about tricks that will allegedly boost your SEO. Stick to the methods that actually work: creating content and optimizing your website. Did you know that companies that use site acceleration have 37% more organic traffic than one’s that don’t? Site acceleration is one of the best ways to improve your page rank on Google.

It’s all about web design

The reason that many businesses have slow websites is simply because they’re not updated. With site acceleration, businesses can update their website and its design. This gives the site an overall better aesthetic look and better performance.

It affects your brand identity

Nowadays, websites make the first impression on potential customers. How your site performs shows a lot about your company. If everything loads fast and all of the links work, consumers will think that your company is updated, modern, and ready for new business.

It helps with mobile optimization

The number of smartphones and tablets on the market increases each year. People are using mobile devices to view businesses’ websites. Without site acceleration, many sites optimized for desktops won’t load well on mobile browsers. If this happens, consumers will leave your site and look for a similar one that is supported on smartphones.

It’s relatively cost-effective

As you can see, there are a lot of benefits to optimizing your website with site acceleration. Businesses can improve their SEO, brand identity, and mobile website for just one cost. Because of this, site acceleration has a positive ROI. It’s not always easy to calculate this though since it affects so many areas of your business.

Not all services are the same

At Medianova, our site acceleration service is called Aksela. Our solution has been proven to load websites 43% faster and is supported by our vseery own content delivery network. There are other advantages to having a CDN support site acceleration, but that’s a completely different blog.

To talk more about this, or anything else, please contact us.

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