Live Streaming with a Content Delivery Network

There are many reasons why companies stream their events live; whether its a corporate meeting or they are showing off a new commercial, live streaming is a solid option because it can gain a larger audience through the Internet. But in the very competitive global economy, live streaming is beneficial for companies because it’s yet another way to differentiate themselves from competitors; live streaming can be a very powerful marketing tool, and it may make the difference when two companies are trying to propose a better value proposition. Companies that choose not to incorporate live streaming into their marketing strategy face the risk of losing ground to a competitor who seizes its advantage.

A recent article by Web Analytics World lists numerous benefits as to why live streaming is important for companies. According to the article, in addition to appealing to a wider audience and maybe generating new revenues, the use of live streaming is a common tactic by marketing teams used to separate their product or service from their competitor’s:

“Streaming live events and content could give your brand or business a fantastic point of differentiation. Live streamed events whether it’s a Webinar, conference or just an informal tutorial chat are not something that is being used by many organisations. If you could take this innovative use of Internet video and steer it towards your organisations marketing aims then you could really start to set yourself apart from the rest of the competition.”

Though live streaming can help a company differentiate itself, it can only do so if done right. Streaming live events typically requires the use of a content delivery network that can handle the high amount of traffic and still transmit a high quality picture. With the help of a content delivery network, companies can beat their competition by offering a new aspect to their marketing strategy: live streaming.

If you’re interested in a content delivery network, or would like to stream your events live, contact us.

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