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Speed that you’ll love

Medianova CDN caches and delivers your digital content to your end-users with only one request from your origin servers. Unlike legacy CDNs, our agile CDN software, network architecture and routing enable the fastest content delivery possible. Our delivery speed is #1 in most regions and monitored 24/7 using Real User Monitoring (RUM) platforms.


WebP within milliseconds

With our WebP and Browser Detection Technology, your images are converted into WebP format instantly and served from CDN caches when compatible browsers are detected.
This results in perfect images, faster websites and higher conversion rates.

Simple, effective and smart.


API acceleration for mobile apps

APIs are the crucial part of the modern application architecture and usually the first ones to create performance bottlenecks during traffic spikes. Medianova API Acceleration platform caches your APIs and improves loading speeds while increasing security.

And it is proven!


Beautiful images for beautiful products

Medianova Image Optimizer allows you to resize, crop, transform and optimize images on the fly for any device and screen size. Different versions of the images can be requested with a simple URL call and cached on the CDN for faster delivery.

You keep one master version of each image and we do the rest.

Are you ready for 10-min discovery call?

Are you ready for a 10-min discovery call?


Always up to date with instant purge

CDN caches your content. What happens when you want to remove it from caches? How fast does your CDN provider purge outdated content? At Medianova we use a cutting-edge algorithm and we don’t run with a lengthy purge queue.
Hence the purge is completed within seconds globally.

Your fast changing information is always up to date.


Scalable and ready for traffic bursts

Demand can fluctuate at any time. The holiday season, mailings to your database, new product releases, or even Covid-19.
At Medianova, we have one of the world’s most redundant and modern CDN platforms available with 43 global PoPs to ensure your business is scalable and performs at all times, including the busiest and unexpected times of the year.


Enhanced Protection and Security

Medianova CDN protects your site against attacks such as DDoS with its architecture and its large server pool.

TLS 1.3 is enabled on our network by default and this helps increase the security of sensitive transaction data. Last, our certifications such as ISO 27001 and PCI-DSS prove our commitment to security.


Exclusive Support with Slack

How many times did you open a ticket and wait for your CDN operator to respond? Did you have the luxury to wait with a 24/7 running e-commerce site?

Medianova offers support through shared Slack channels. You have access to real engineers in real-time. Instant support makes all the difference.
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Designed with your e-commerce challenges in mind

How Does Medianova Web Performance Services Help Online Retail?


Content Delivery


Image Resize & Optimization


Web & API Acceleration


Dynamic Site Caching


S3-like Cloud Storage


Managed Elastic Kibana Cloud

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