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Medianova Use Cases

DLive is the world’s first and largest streaming platform on Blockchain. It is a decentralized live streaming and video community that's built on the Lino Blockchain.

DLive utilizes Blockchain to incentivize both content creators and viewers in on-platform cryptocurrency Lino Points.

In order to face some performance challenges, DLive decided to work with Medianova. The details of this collaboration are brought to you in this Use Case.

blutv_logoUSE CASE

BluTV is Turkey’s leading subscription video-on-demand service and the number one online platform for Turkish TV series in the Middle East, North Africa, and Latin America. Founded in 2015 by Dogan Group, Turkey’s largest media group, BluTV strives to provide the world’s best movies and TV series to Turkish viewers and to make Turkish TV series available in the Arabic and Spanish speaking countries.

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Hepsiburada is the top ranking e-commerce platform in Turkey. It offers 4.5 million product varieties and 12.7 million products (SKU) in 30 different categories. While generating 75 million visits (22 million unique); Hepsiburada makes 10 million shipments per month, varying from cosmetics to books, from home appliances to furniture.
Faster sites mean more user engagements and higher conversion rates for all e-commerce platforms. Therefore, Hepsiburada aimed to provide its customers with a better and faster digital experience in order to eventually increase engagement and conversion rates.

Download our use case and see how Hepsiburada significantly improved its content delivery performance and page load speed thanks to Medianova secureCDN.

506da102-0013-4654-915f-e27cf6d46b81USE CASE

Modacruz is a leading e-commerce marketplace bringing private buyers and sellers together. The company is primarily a fashion platform, where any user is able to buy and sell unworn or second-hand clothing, accessories, footwear, and more.
With one challenge in mind, the company solicited Medianova for a solution, which resulted in a great collaboration between the two companies.
Download the Use Case to learn how Stook, Medianova's cloud storage platform helped Modacruz.