Two Factor Authentication Entegrasyonu

deIn order to increase our customers’ login security, we’ve recently added the two-factor authentication, or 2FA, feature to our MedianovaCDN dashboard. 2FA helps keep your account safer as it requires two different ways of authentication. Thus, it makes it far more difficult for “others” to access your accounts even if they get hold of your password.

What is 2FA?

In other words, 2FA, or two-factor authentication, is an extra layer of security designed to improve the safety of your accounts. In addition to a password, 2FA requires a second form of authentication in order to log in. In this case, this is a code generated on a trusted device that only you are able to access: your mobile phone, for example. It’s a fast, easy process that provides a significant layer of protection for your account.

How Does 2FA Work?

When you access your account, you’ll be prompted for your password as usual. Plus, you will enter the code generated on your phone. You’ll enter that code into the login screen, then access your account.

How to enable 2FA?

You can easily enable two factor authentication in a few steps:

Go to your Profile Settings > Two Factor Authentication section in the MedianovaCDN control panel and select “Enable”

Attention: This enables two factor authentication immediately, please make sure that you continue with the steps below before logging out.

Install the Google Authenticator app on your device and scan the QR code given.

Enter the code generated by the Google Authenticator in the field “Enter your auth code” and save. It’s as easy as that to activate this awesome feature!

In case you’d like to disable two factor authentication, all you have to do this navigate to Profile Settings > Two Factor Authentication and select “Disable”

The next time you login, please provide your username, password and the code generated by the Google Authenticator.

Now, you can enjoy the fact that your account is better protected, providing you with a level of security that will lead to a greater peace of mind when using our services.

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