HTTP/2 technology provides an increase in performance in excess of 50% in the data transfer speed of your website. Your web and mobile users will be able to access your services in a much faster manner even at EDGE speed  thanks to features such as high compression, prioritizing and reduction in half. You can increase the security of your websites with the SSL feature, and obtain positive results in terms of criteria also.

Images are loaded through only one TCP connection with HTTP/2. Your website will load faster as there is no need for a separate connection for each image.

When we want to export from the server, the headers are compressed before being sent to the browser. Due to this, the time required for data transfer is reduced.The header information is compressed when the data is sent from the servers with HTTP/2. In addition to this, as HTTP/2 provides binary communications, images load with a lower resource cost.

Since 1999, browsers have been using the standard HTTP/1.1 protocol to connect to web servers. In 2009, Google began to develop the SPDY technology in order to develop a protocol better than HTTP/1.1, and in 2015 it terminated its support to SPDY and began to support HTTP/2.



Brotli is a new-generation Web Compression method, developed by Google. It compresses the files on your website up to a certain level, ensuring that your website opens more quickly and that the bandwidth (traffic) load is balanced. The creator of brotli Google ,says that it’s 20-26% more performant than the other compression algorithm it made called zopfli.

If you have a website which especially uses up a very high amount of traffic periodically, the Brotli compression method will certainly relieve your website.By balancing the traffic, it will prevent the excessive bandwith usage.

It will also allow your website to load more quickly by compressing the files in your website.

Compared to Gzip, the Brotli algorithm provides a 17% to 25% more compression ratio in such formats as css, html and js. As the decompressing cost is lower in mobile devices, it provides a better performance in battery life and speed.

It ensures lower battery usage for mobile users due to lower data transfer levels and low cpu use.

It enables a safe communication thanks to HTTPS protocol.

It is a new compression algorithm developed by Google.Brotli, a new-generation web compression method, developed by Google



Today, websites are built mostly on images.

Since users and search engines need faster and faster sites, you can not have a site acceleration plan without optimizing images.

On top of that, each browser and device have different requirements making the manual optimization a nightmare.

Medianova Image Optimization Platform is fully integrated to the Medianova CDN Panel from where you can activate and deactivate easily.

All of your images will be then optimized on the fly once and will be served from the edge caches for fastest delivery.

Image Optimizer allows you to offload image transformation to our powerful edge cloud platform. When an image is requested, we resize it, adjust quality, crop / trim, change orientations, convert formats, and more on demand. Serves images faster, decreasing page load times for image-heavy sites.

How to Reduce the Image Size?

While it is possible to reduce an image by 80-90% of the original size, if not done right, the process causes a severe amount of visual degradation. In order to avoid this, we ensure keeping the image quality as high as possible, analyze the images you use on your site, and apply high compression techniques.



Anycast (one-to-many) is an internet routing protocol which is used to assign the same IP addresses to more than one server on different geographical locations. Anycast DNS service is a new generation DNS service which is distributed throughout more than one geographically dispersed servers.

Anycast DNS is a traffic routing algorithm used for the speedy delivery of website content that advertises individual IP addresses on multiple nodes. User requests are directed to specific nodes based on such factors as the capacity and health of your server, as well as the distance between it and the website visitor.

Anycast DNS forwards DNS requests to the server which is in the best route in terms of its own operation principles (generally the closest server). Thanks to this, DNS response times become much shorter and access to web pages gets faster. Thanks to Medianova infrastructure, you can add to your speed by taking advantage of these features.

As the leading CDN provider of EMEA Region, Medianova provides 80% faster service compared to other CDNs.

The delivery speed of Medianova CDN is monitored by a 3rd party RUM (Real User Monitoring) provider Cedexis.


Low Latency
High Accessibility
Fends Off DDOS Attacks
Local and Global Servers
Faster Connections



100% SSL Network provides an increase in performance in data transfer speed of your website. Latest Cedexis Performance Report shows Medianova SSL runs the fastest among CDNs

Google Boots and other search engines likes HTTPS.

New protocols like HTTP/2, image formats like WebP and compressions like Brotli improves SEO.

Medianova SSL network is available on all locations. No “Premium”, just a standard feature to select.

Having more efficiently programmed SSL allows for fast and secure transfer of data.

Eliminates the need to buy and install SSL server software on every server within the network.

No manual installations or waiting to deploy.



It is an API based service by which the users clean cached contents from the cache, and cache new contents.Deleting files can come in handy for instance if there is some cached content on our servers that you want to get rid of completely. Individual purges are cleared within seconds.Best of all - you can automate both prefetching and purging of files.



New congestion control algorithm is called Bottleneck Bandwidth and Round-Trip Propagation Time, abbreviated as BBR. Medianova  features BBR as part of its CDN. BBR introduces remarkable improvements for all mobile and desktop users.This technology brings advantages such as increased network throughput, reduced latency and better quality experience .

BBR can deliver an internet experience of superior quality thanks to the benefits arising from the optimal control of TCP traffic. With the BBR feature of Medianova CDN, speed up your internet