The State Of
Private CDN in 2020

And How You Can Use It For Edge Computing.

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interfaceDate: 4th June 2020 Time: 1 PM (EST) Duration: 45 minutes

Do not miss the webinar

A data-driven webinar hosted by streaming industry expert, Dan Rayburn and Serkan Sevim, CEO of Medianova CDN.

The webinar will share exclusive survey data at the crossroad of the streaming industry and the CDN industry, while highlighting the state of Private CDN between the present and the future.


The webinar will cover topics including:

  • The state of Private CDN within the streaming industry.
  • Use cases to run VM and containers for billing, packaging, and data applications at the edge.
  • Current Private CDN deployment strategies.
  • How a Private CDN can provide benefits in terms of control, customization, and cost.
  • Insights from our CDN survey in collaboration with Dan Rayburn, with 300+ responses from content owners, broadcasters and OTT providers.





Dan Rayburn
Streaming Industry Expert


Serkan Sevim
CEO of Medianova CDN 


"54.2% of CDN users would like to see their CDN improve on the performance in their target market."

-Dan Rayburn Multi-CDN survey