Empower your business with
Communication Solutions along
with CDN to keep it growing even more.

It’s no secret that your business needs fast and secure websites for your clients and for your teams.


Faster pages and systems for both employees and customers with CDN

Reinforced communication within the organization and teams with Corporate Tube

Affordable pricing

More reach with Webcast

Maximum interaction with Webcast

No matter what type of services you provide (marketing, consulting, outsourcing, staffing etc), your customers need to be able to access fast, secure web pages and online systems from anywhere and on any device.

Meanwhile, your teams should also be able to communicate and should be kept updated regardless their location. Your business can create, share and publish video content quickly and securely thanks to Medianova Corporate Tube. The employees can watch training videos and live broadcasts or videos from the management efficiently. All departments can interact and access knowledge easily.

Equally important, you can grow your business by reaching out more people, a wider audience with Medianova Webcast. This allows you to have online conferences and seminars with interactive participation through live broadcast, presentation, question-answer and chat features.