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MN360 Online Video Platform

MN360 is a turn-key online video platform that allows enterprises to manage their videos with 360 degrees control and offers new opportunities in business development processes.

MN360 enables A-to-Z management of videos from a single location.  Content management and distribution are performed quickly through easy-to-use interface.

Benefits to Your Business

  • Increase the number of visitors to your website by providing rich media content.

  • Improves corporate communication.

  • Enables colloboraiton and encourages learning among your employees.

  • Expands your target audience and develops effective digital communication.

  • Provides continous video contents to all employees from all devices.

  • Delivers Hd Quality videos to customers and employees with continuous streaming.


Turn-Key Delivery

A platform offering end-to-end corporate video solutions.

Fast Integration

Its API and web part and service features enable quick and easy integration into your company infrastructure, reducing lengthy IT processes.

Pay Per Use

Our cost advantage model relieves you of large investments and/or unused capacity.

Social Media Integration

The content syndication feature registers your content and videos to search engines, and ensures that these can be posted to video sharing sites and social networks, resulting in increased access to viewers.

All Platforms

MN360 can be configured to encode your contents for iPhone, iPad, Android platforms, Set-Top box and the web.


Our active/active origin structure and streaming servers provide both live and on-demand streams on a single platform with 100% uptime service.


Develop your marketing strategy utilizing the content reporting tool by viewing rate, viewer, device and location.

Fanatic Support

Medianova’s experienced support team provides “Fanatic Support” 24/7/365, and boasts a “first response time in 3 minutes”, significantly higher than the industry average.

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