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Enterprise CDN is 360° video management platform enabling enterprises to manage all of their communication, orientation and training processes from a single point.

Perform online trainings, live stream your presentations and meetings, and post your corporate videos externally and on the intranet.
Detailed analytics of video viewing rates will help enterprises develop long-term strategies

Enterprise Video is offered in 3 different models depending on your needs and resources;

LOCAL: Provides access through Intranet and eliminates Internet costs.

HYBRID: Features low Internet and setup costs.

CLOUD Enterprise Video: Offers zero setup cost and is accessible through the Intranet and Internet.

CDN Benefits to Your Business

  • Creates corporate memory through videos.

  • Reduces field and operating costs.

  • Improves the company’s image within internal communications and customer relations.

  • Enables on-demand viewing of your presentation and meeting videos.

  • Provides employees continuous access to video contents on web, mobile and tablet.

  • Pay-per-use without consuming company bandwidth (Local) or network investment (Cloud).

  • Delivers HD Quality videos to employees without buffering.

  • Enables colloboration among company employees, encourages learning and improves corporate communication.


High Security

Fully compatible with your company’s security layers, different security standards may be defined based on your selected model.

Turn-Key Delivery

An end-to-end platform offering on-demand or live corporate video solutions.

Single Point Management

Deliver training videos from a single point and live stream your trainings, meetings and presentations.

Streaming for Any Device

Enterprise video can be configured to encode your contents for iPhone, iPad, Android platforms, Set-Top box and the web.


Our active/active origin structure and streaming servers provide both live and on-demand streams on a single platform with 100% uptime service.


Develop your internal communication strategy with content analytics by viewing rate, viewer, device, location and such.

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