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Encodio is a cloud hosting platform that compresses archived files such as video, music, PDF, for any device into ideal format and size.

Powered by Medianova technology, fine-tuned for your needs, Encodio makes it possible to meet your encoding needs and quickly deliver the contents to your end users.

Benefits to Your Business

  • Streamline operation processes, using up to 10 times faster encoding.

  • Customized design based on your saas or private cloud structure needs.

  • Consumes low bandwidth, ensuring minimum use of your resources.

  • Offers unique reports and statistical details to monitor and analyze the process.

  • Reduces CDN costs with efficient bandwidth use.

  • Provides scalable infastructure to meet your increasing needs.

  • Compatible with all CDNs, reducing the workload of your it department.


Cloud or On-Prem Infrastructure

Encodio is a cloud based platform using Medianova’s infrastructure to enable scalability. Depending on client needs, it is offered in SaaS or Private Cloud format.


Comprised of the master system and encoding nodes, this scalable structure enables additional encoding servers when a higher capacity is necessary.

Pay Per Use

Our cost advantage model relieves you of large investments and/or unused capacity.

Multiple Outputs

According to variable devices, sizes and qualities, each file using this account is encoded to preset formats and is copied to CDN for distribution.

HD/SD Compatibility

Whether HD or SD, Encodio can convert your contents to any format of your choice, unhindered by the varying qualities of your streams.

All Platforms

Encodio can be configured to encode your contents for iPhone, iPad, Android platforms, Set-Top box and the web.

High Security

Working with the world’s leading content providers, such as Sony, Universal, and EMI, Encodio is regularly tested for compliance and high security standards.

Fanatic Support

Medianova’s experienced support team provides “Fanatic Support” 24/7/365, and boasts a “first response time in 3 minutes”, significantly higher than the industry average.

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