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Dynamic Site Acceleration?

Aksela compresses site’s images, rewrites code, combines javascript, uses CDN.
Result: SEO Friendly Much Faster Web Sites.

Benefits to Your Business

  • Up to 43% faster loading speed

  • Improve SEO value of your website.

  • Enhances customer satisfaction.

  • Distribute traffic to provide extra security against DDOS attacks.


Instant Site Optimization

Aksela optimizes codes and compresses static files. The whole site’s size decreases up to 43%.

Fast Integration

Without changing your hosting structure or CDN provider, simply open an account to integrate into Aksela.

Cloud-based Infrastructure

Aksela is a cloud hosting platform using Medianova infrastructure to enable scalability.

Fanatic Support

Medianova’s experienced support team provides “Fanatic Support” 24/7/365, and boasts a “first response time in 3 minutes”, significantly higher than the industry average.

Optimization per Device

Aksela generates the site coding instantly, optimizing for all browsers and devices.

SSL Acceleration

Aksela leverages MNCDN backbone which transmits the SSL traffic at much faster speed.

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