Medianova Cloud Storage, a cloud hosting platform, stores entire files in secure fully redundant and scalable virtual units, resulting in minimized investment costs.

Medianova offers 24/7 technical support, performing fast upgrade and downgrade minimizing operation time and cost.  This platform boasts an unlimited expanding architecture and cluster-mode servers, containing 500 million active objects.

Benefits to Your Business

  • Reduces unit costs with the efficient cloud hosting service.

  • Offers monthly pay-per-use model, relieving you of server investments.

  • Generates 3 backups of each object, eliminating data loss risk.

  • Provides redundancy beyond server, datacenter and isp.


Cloud-based Infrastructure

Cloud Storage operates on Medianova infrastructure and servers.


The ever-expanding 500 TB disk space offers upgrade and downgrade based on your needs.

Load Balancer

Master servers work in active/active mode, ensuring redundancy and load distribution.

Pay Per Use

Our cost advantage model relieves you of large investments and/or unused capacity.

RAID6 Disk Structure

Under the storage cluster, each node has a Raid 6 disk structure built with SAS disks. Data loss on a specific node is only possible if at least 5 disks stop working and remain unattended.

Automatic Sync

The system automatically started backing up the second copies of the “single copy” files in case the system works on 1 node only or goes under maintenance.

24/7 Monitoring

Physical status of node disks are monitored 24/7 through PRTG. The system issues an alarm in case a problem occurs with one of the disks.

High Security

Data is secured with 256-Bit AES encryption method.

Fanatic Support

Medianova’s experienced support team provides “Fanatic Support” 24 /7/365, and boasts a “first response time in 3 minutes”, significantly higher than the industry average.

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