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CDN Benefits to Your Business

  • Faster loading of static contents through compression.

  • Handles traffic spikes

  • Better costs optimization with cloud infrastructure

  • %100 Redundancy

  • Real-time statistics and reports.

  • Smart traffic routing



HTTP/2 protocol provides increased performance up to 50%.

Anycast DNS

Medianova CDN uses Anycast DNS. This means the response time is much shorter, hence the speed to your web page.


Brotli compresses the files on the fly, ensuring that your website opens much faster.

Image Optimization

Image optimization is a technology that automatically reduces the size of images.

SSL Acceleration

MNCDN transmits the SSL traffic at much faster speed. Standard SSL support is provided on all accounts.

Purge Service

It is an API based service by which the users clean cached contents from the cache, and cache new contents.

Fanatic Support

Comprised of experienced professionals, Medianova support team is ready to provide “Fanatic Support” 24/7/365, and boasts a “first response time in 3 minutes”, which is much faster than the industry average.


With its structure and streaming servers offering 100% uptime service, you can offer both live and on-demand streams on a single platform.

Pay Per Use

Cost advantage is provided through the pay-per-use model, which relieves you of large investments or unused capacity.


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