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Power of the Public Sector

Content Medianova end-to-end video solutions enable direct access to your audience through live and on-demand videos. WEB TV installation and integration are implemented in a short time, making you instantly ready to render service.

You will smoothly deliver on your opening and launch events by using live streaming, and on your training process through online video platforms. Detailed reporting on video and viewing will enable you to set your monthly and annual plans with no margin of error.

Our Services for Public Sector

Static Content Acceleration (MNCDN)

Fast and redundant delivery of your digital assets, such as image, video, music, CSS and JavaScript etc., to end users

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Enterprise Video

It is the full-package “Enterprise Tube” solution meeting any digital need for intranet and customer communication

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Internet Live Streaming Platform

Provides professional support and infrastructure in any of your organizations, offering end-to-end production service.

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Four Simple Reasons
to Choose Medianova


The “first response time in 3 mins”, well faster than the industry average


Complete compatibility with your IT and security standards for instant-delivery services

Large Traffic Capacity

A strong infrastructure managing 5.3% of Turkey’s web traffic


Redundant and continuous service, powered by our active/active servers

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