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Content Distinguish in your industry with the low-cost, centrally-managed Medianova solutions, which streamline your operational processes, comply with intranet security criteria and enables access to all field teams.

Tap into the popularity of the video to instantly access and direct your customers to the right investments using real time feedbacks.

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Fastest CDN in Turkey based on
Cedexis Performance Report.

Fast and redundant delivery of your digital assets, such as image, video, music, CSS and JavaScript etc., to end users

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Enterprise CDN

It is the full-package “Enterprise Tube” solution meeting any digital need for intranet and customer communication.

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Dynamic Content Acceleration (Aksela)

Improves loading speed of websites and web apps through browser- and device-specific optimization

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Interactive communication over the internet through live broadcast +presentation + Q&A + chat modules.

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Online Video Platform

The turn-key “Online Video Platform” solution enabling enterprises to have 360-degree control.

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Cloud Hosting

Provides redundancy, security and hardware flexibility without need for physical server investment, in line with your company needs

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Four Simple Reasons
to Choose Medianova


The “first response time in 3 mins”, well faster than the industry average


Complete compatibility with your IT and security standards for instant-delivery services

Large Traffic Capacity

A strong infrastructure managing 5.3% of Turkey’s web traffic


Redundant and continuous service, powered by our active/active servers

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