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Content Would you like to manage and deliver all of your contents to the users through a single platform? Medianova Cloud Hosting services have the capability and hardware to meet any of your needs. We offer the instant solution for all of your needs, from video management platform and server hosting to live web streaming to site acceleration.

Medianova’s robust infrastructure, and its streaming and caching platforms ensure continuous and secure delivery of your videos to the users through web and mobile platforms. Detailed reporting screens will provide various user data, including which content is watched for how long and from which platforms.

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Fastest CDN in Turkey based on
Cedexis Performance Report.

Fast and redundant delivery of your digital assets, such as image, video, music, CSS and JavaScript etc., to end users

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Enterprise CDN

It is the full-package “Enterprise Tube” solution meeting any digital need for intranet and customer communication.

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Dynamic Content Acceleration (Aksela)

Improves loading speed of websites and web apps through browser- and device-specific optimization

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Interactive communication over the internet through live broadcast +presentation + Q&A + chat modules.

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Online Video Platform

The turn-key “Online Video Platform” solution enabling enterprises to have 360-degree control.

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Cloud Hosting

Provides redundancy, security and hardware flexibility without need for physical server investment, in line with your company needs

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Have you noticed how fast this site is?

Aksela rewrites the code and cache the content…:)

Bu site ne kadar hızlı fark ettiniz mi?

Aksela siteyi revize ediyor ve en yakın cache’den veriyor!