HTTP/2 technology provides an increase in performance in excess of 50% in the data transfer speed of your website. Your web and mobile users will be able to access your services in a much faster manner even at EDGE speed  thanks to features such as high compression, prioritizing and reduction in half. You can increase the security of your websites with the SSL feature, and obtain positive results in terms of criteria also.

Images are loaded through only one TCP connection with HTTP/2. Your website will load faster as there is no need for a separate connection for each image.

The header information is compressed when the data is sent from the servers with HTTP/2. In addition to this, as HTTP/2 provides
binary communications, images load with a lower resource cost.

A New Protocol
Since 1999, browsers have been using the standard HTTP/1.1 protocol to connect to web servers. In 2009, Google began to develop the SPDY technology in order to develop a protocol better than HTTP/1.1, and in 2015 it terminated its support to SPDY and began to support HTTP/2.

Secure Communication with SSL

Advantages in Mobile Use

Faster Transmission of Static Files to servers

 HTTP Header Compression with HPACK

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