SaaS Encoding

Encoding for Video Distribution Over the Internet

Medianova - August 27, 2014

Agreeing that you do not understand what encoding is. Gives reason to studying it in order to comprehend why it is important when converting video into digital…

SaaS Encoding

3 Ways You’re Wasting Time by Delaying the Switch to Cloud Encoding

Medianova - August 7, 2014

These days, it's hard to have a conversation about the latest in technology without bringing up the cloud sooner or later. The ability to distribute computing power…

SaaS Encoding

Online Music Streaming with a Music Platform

Medianova - July 14, 2014

From vinyls to CDs to MP3 files, the music industry has been known to go through revolutionary changes, and because of the nature of the industry it's…

SaaS Encoding

What is SaaS and Why is it Ideal for an Encoding Platform?

Medianova - July 7, 2014

The rules of software as we have known them are rapidly changing and the traditional models are giving way to the power of the web and network…

SaaS Encoding

Get the Most out of Your Media With an Encoding Platform

Serkan Sevim - January 29, 2014

As it becomes easier and easier to produce a professional-looking video or video blog, companies around the world have more options when it comes to producing engaging…

SaaS Encoding

The Value of a Cloud SaaS Encoding Platform

Serkan Sevim - February 7, 2013

The Value of a Cloud SaaS Encoding Platform With digital video encoding can mean everything. The raw data that makes up a video stream – both the…