Anycast DNS Infrastructure

Protect your Apps and APIs by mitigating DDoS attacks at our Anycast DNS based global edge network that is distributed among 50+ data centers and prevent even Tbps scale attacks.


Origin Security

Introduce an extra layer of security for your origin and limit its exposure to possible attacks, by offloading origin transactions to CDN.


Rate Limiting

Improve your Apps’ and APIs’ defense against DDoS attacks by blocking suspicious requests that exceed certain thresholds.


IP Protection

Protect and hide your origin IP by serving your content through CDN and reduce the risk of DDoS threats for your origin.


Reduced Costs

Secure your platforms without investing in expensive hardware appliances and lower your general costs with zero CAPEX. Decrease resource usage at your origin and save on infrastructure costs, by serving your content from CDN.


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Integrated Design

Integration with wide variety of services; WAF, Dynamic CDN, Anycast DNS and Load Balancing.


Blocks malicious traffic from certain geography.


TLS 1.3 increases productivity by reducing lateness and increases cipher strength security.

High Performance

App & API Security without compromising performance.

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